We make switching to a new computer or device simple, fast and convenient.


It’s Pure Genius

Switcher Genius® makes switching from one computer to another or one device as simple as flipping a switch.


“In this day and age, switching should be easy.”



Switching seems like is a catch-22. One company wants you to switch, the other wants you to stay. When you stay, so much change happens that half your apps won’t work when it’s time to switch. No wonder most people put off switching, which makes switching even harder. Even worse, most data transfer services don’t protect or even guarantee your data makes it to your new device.

This is why we created Switcher Genius®, a simple, effective way to get everything you care about from one computer or device to the next.

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Our Mission

You have the right to change and the power to chose the tech you want to own and use. Our Mission is to help make the switch seamless and successful.



of professionals say hardware or system failure led to data loss.


of people experiencing data loss said it was due to human error.


of PC owners surveyed say they plan to switch to Mac.

  • Most people wait too long to switch, because they expect the switching experience to be painful and time-consuming.

  • Most people wait too long to switch because they don’t know who to trust to make the switch safe and error-free.

  • Most people wait too long to switch because they think switching will kill their productivity.

Switcher Genius® makes switching quick, safe and trouble-free.

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A Certified Apple Consultant Switcher Solution

Created by a Certified Apple Consultant. After talking with Genius Bar teams across the world, it became clear that Apple Stores needed a solution for customers wanting to switch to a new Mac without surprises, data loss, and other unintended consequences.

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